Black Knight

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He was royalty yet treated like a joke by his subjects for the God’s deemed him unworthy of their gift, the « Kibai ». An ancestral power that grants one the ability to control the forces of nature. Furious at his fate, Shaka did something abominable in exchange for the power and was forever changed. Yet he was not satisfied as the one dearest to his heart was set part from him but Shaka’s resolve was to obtain all that destiny had denied him.
With this afro shonen about quest of power, love and identity, Waanda Comics launches a collection of projects for the English-speaking public. Original content in English but also translations from French into English for the satisfaction of our readers.

BD africaines en ligne
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Author:Marc Mengnjo

Highly influenced by Japanese culture, particularly manga, the young author Marc Mengnjo has perfected his pen and his style. Black Knight is an afro shonen of power, quest and love. A chevaleresque adventure for the preservation of the kingdom. A sweet graphic design, an invitation to adventure that will lead you into the meanders of a lost civilization.


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